Sometimes life is just traumatic. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that we get depressed or anxious, feeling like we’ve lost our direction and our purpose.

And so we begin to have panic attacks, our minds are racing with thoughts, we’re caught in a cycle repeating the same behaviors and we can’t find a way out. We put ourselves through years of traditional therapies just to find that the issues keep coming back. We beat ourselves up because we just don’t know how to fix it.

THINK ABOUT IT.  Many philosophers have said, “under all circumstances, remain calm-keep an even mind.” Well, if it were that easy, wouldn’t you have done that by now? Of course, you would. What you have tried so far is not working. It’s time to change your strategy. I’m here to guide you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live your life like a leaf floating down a stream?
Gently flowing, moving towards and away from any blocks in your way?
No major disruptions, just an easy flow through life…

Hi I’m Jodie Scott. What if I show you a powerful way to achieve calm and peace by teaching you to regulate and control your emotions once and for all…wouldn’t that be great?

There will always be challenges in life, but they don’t have to throw us off balance, if we have the right tools.

Through Energy Psychology, Soul Detective, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Traumatic Incident Reduction, I guide you to find your own answers to your unique situations and problems, step into your True Power, and align with your Higher Self.

I am honored to share your journey with you and help you resolve what’s preventing you from being happy and successful in your life.  Learn more about me.

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